About Caron MacLane

Caron focuses on moving clients to the next step in their success. After learning what makes each person unique, Caron systematically focuses on working with people to get what they would like. She has the ability to listen, discern, uncover and bring out the attributes of each person as an extraordinary individual. As a national and regional coach her clients experience increased clarity, comfort and leadership through her unique system.
Caron has an extensive background in counseling in addition to over 45 years of teaching experience. She utilizes her wealth of psychological knowledge in working effectively with people to fully live their gifts. Caron’s unique and distinctive skill is her ability to listen and hear the essence of what is being said. Caron delivers practical and useable wisdom that moves the client forward by combining her insights and ability to listen.

Her clients have tangible results such as:

  • independence of thought and expression while integrating into a group,
  • clarity of thought and communication through consciousness rather than reactivity,
  • accountability in taking full responsibility for one’s attitudes, thus accepting one’s own power,
  • authenticity of doing what matches beliefs and words to be in alignment with self at all times,
  • fully embracing self-leadership as requisite to leadership of others,
  • learning and working fully in strengths with the results of increased productivity and joy,
  • moving from worried about what to say to consistently addressing the “elephant in the room”
  • dealing with external challenges while staying centered,
  • releasing problem behaviors,
  • adopting positivity for increased joy.



Caron’s broad range of teaching experience includes looking at the needs of the individual from the classroom to the ski slopes where she also teaches. Her comprehension of learning extends into varied arenas. This is highlighted by her years of speaking experience starting in Toastmasters.


brandie“Caron has an ability to see what the problem is and ask a pointed question which almost takes your breath away. She does it in such a firm, but kind way that you look forward to her razor sharp insight. She truly has a gift of seeing things and people for who they really are. I value her input and always look forward to interacting with her. … Her insight and presence is so wise!”

—Brandie Kajino SOHO Tech Training


Do not ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

—Harold Whitman