Are you embracing life? Fully?

Are you embracing life? As Helen Keller said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Some people jump up and meet life head on as a daring adventure. Those people end up with vast, rich experiences. Other people stand up and wait for life to happen. Life always happens. The question is: Do you like what happens? When you direct your life, you have the opportunity to do what you choose and get more of what you like. Do you have a role model for this?

Parents are often role models for their children. I am honored to have an amazing role model for embracing life. My Dad embraces life. My Dad joined the Army Air Force when he was 18 years old. He started flying when he was 19 and graduated from flight school that same year. Then he was off to World War II. The whole nation readied for war at that time. Dad was flying a B-17. At age 20, he was overseas, flying from his station in England.

Dad has continued to be involved with these same people and activities. On Memorial Day weekend he was at Boeing field talking with people visiting and riding in the B-17 that tours and comes to Boeing field on Memorial Days. He had invited some people to take a flight, since he enjoys supporting the B-17. He draws a crowd when people find out he was a pilot. He is willing to share stories, as people are willing to listen. He recounts teaching Chinese fighter pilots. He says they were notorious for going into a tail spin, so he kept the fire extinguisher handy to knock them out in case that happened and he had to take over the controls.

He also continues to meet with his “bomber group”, the other six people in the local area he flew with during the war. One 90 year old man meets with the group for lunch every several months. Dad gives him a ride, as that man has stopped driving. Dad attends the annual meeting of the “bomber group” which draws some 300 people, mainly second generation attendees.

At age 51, he built a fishing boat, the Pioneer. He fished out of Westport as a recreation and side line. The Pioneer was meticulously thought out, comfortable and accommodating. During the 14 years Dad had the Pioneer, he worked in the insurance business and then was out on the boat weekends and vacations as he found and made the time. Then Dad had the Orion, another fishing boat, built for him when he was 75 years old. He took the Orion and fished in Alaska for the first time when he was 80. Today Dad is 86. He enjoys time with his family, including fishing in Alaska. Keeping abreast of political events and staying updated on his portfolio which he manages himself, he is active physically and mentally. He has seized life as a daring adventure following his activities through to fruition. He embraces life. Fully!

How you choose your days allows you to make time and actions count in your daring adventure. In the spirit of Fathers’ Day and in gratitude for an inspirational role model, I give tribute to my Dad as an example of fully embracing life!

©Caron MacLane 2011