Do You Have an Elevator Speech?

How do you describe yourself? There can be high value in an answer with clarity and conviction. For you. For if you develop a power descriptor that conveys your strengths, you reinforce those strengths each time you reiterate it. You choose these words with the intention to have them become reality. Like Mike Dooley says “Thoughts become things…choose them wisely.” You choose a phrase that enhances you to yourself.

You then have your own elevator speech. A typical elevator speech defines what you do succinctly and memorably. It offers enough information to pique interest and stimulate a question, thus engaging the listener. The objective is to be short and intriguing. Like an effective trailer for a movie, it offers enough of a hook to get people involved and bring them back for more. Solo entrepreneurs often use the elevator speech as part of their marketing.

In creating your own kind of personal elevator speech you can use it to empower yourself. Each time you repeat it, you support who you are. You reinforce your strengths and consequently your power. You can utilize it as your own motto. You can focus your energy, using this as a mantra. If, for example, you borrowed from Nike and decided you are a person who will always “just do it”. Then when you face challenges, you can say to yourself “I am a person who will always “just do it,” so “just do it”!

In addition to empowering and focusing, this saying can affirm a commitment, a commitment to you. So if you are a person who stays in the game, you then reignite your commitment to staying in the game. This commitment can carry you through when the going gets tough. In the face of challenges instead of retreating, you can say to yourself you are a person who stays in the game. Then tenacity and persistence are called into action. You repeat your mantra as life unfolds with its continual stream of new demands.

Compose thoughts about you and what you would like for you. Whether it’s stay in the game, move forward, act with ease and grace, or maintain an open heart. You can choose your power words to describe you. Take those words and fully embrace them to increase their effectiveness as a tool for you. Utilize that tool to find your place of power. Hold onto that place of power with those words to ride the waves up and down through the seas of life. And may you safely reach your destination with the sturdy rudder of your power words.

©Caron MacLane 2012