Own it!

Do you fully own and embrace your life? Are you committed to what you do? To fully get a grip on your life, own it! In any specific instance, it is valuable to take full control step by step. For example, the holidays can feel like following someone else’s agenda. To be more comfortable, write your own plan. Own this moment, these holidays and your life.

When recently I took my first snowboard lesson, I noticed the importance of taking control of what I can. In the lesson, I first learned how to walk up the hill. Then I was instructed to point the snowboard down the hill. One foot was on the snow. The other foot was on the snowboard headed straight down the hill ready to take off. A bit of weight on the board meant a ride down the hill, either in a crash to the snow in a fall or a successful glide on the board. The instructor directed: own it. The words reverberated and I repeated them. Own it! Take charge! Without a clear commitment to the foot on the snow, I would slide. My thoughts and my body were off balance as I played with a new sport. My mind straddled the place of standing firmly on the snow and the movement of gliding. I lacked commitment. Would I slide before I decided? The words “own it” rang in my head. As soon as I owned it, I could feel the strength of the foot firmly planted on the snow. I took charge by making the decision to put all of my weight on that foot. I was in charge of standing still rather than taking off down the hill! I owned it and it worked!

“Own it!” can be valuable during this season. The holidays can be a challenging time for some with people swept up in various activities. Stores are beckoning with sales and lures to get people shopping. Parties and fancy foods are beckoning to have people eat and drink more. Traditions are kept just for the sake of tradition rather than followed by choice or because of the associated joy. Those shopping sprees, parties and events can be very different when one “owns it.” You spend time with those you like. You buy what you choose because you choose it. You eat what you favor.

Select the life that fits who you are with your specific strengths, talents and wishes. In going through the process of figuring out who you are and what makes you tick, you can then design the life of your dreams. First, understand yourself and what you like. Then commit to doing what you like. Once you put things in motion, remember it is your motion. To gain strength in living that motion, own it as yours.

Whether you are in a first time learning opportunity, in the intensified situation of the holidays or moving forward on your life plan, be sure make it yours. Move forward with thought and clarity. And each step of the way, own it!

©Caron MacLane 2012