Is Your Eye on the Scoreboard or Watching the Game?

Do you get distracted by watching the scoreboard instead of the game? In the game of life, it is easy to be distracted by the score. What it sounds like when people are looking at the scoreboard is wishing for more money, a better a job, a newer car. Tallying is effective if tasked with tallying. Yet the score only comes from participating. To be effective, focus on the activity and the score will follow.

If you would like to score, you figure out your game. The first thing is to figure out what you would like to do. Often this begins with assessing who you are and what your strengths are. Some have a yearning they feel compelled to do. Think of J. K. Rowling who had the Harry Potter story to put onto paper. For her the actually scoring came after the book had been written. Even then it was rejected initially. Finally it was published. After people started reading the book, they started talking about it. After talking about the book, interest developed and popularity increased. Now the magnitude of the Harry Potter interest and reach has made Rowling a billionaire. That is the score. Rowling’s gift was to think of the story and to write it down. She gave her attention to her gift and the score followed. If you are without a specific yearning right now, investigate what your strengths are. Your strengths are direction markers along your own path.

After figuring out what your strengths are, it is time to put them into action. You are likely already using your strengths in some part of your life. There is a natural pull toward what you are skilled at and what you like. The more time you spend in your particular areas of competence, the happier you will be. When you are happy, you are more like to enjoy the moment! You will be doing what you enjoy doing. Follow what you delight in doing proficiently. Follow your heart.

You have figured out your strengths and how to put them into action. Now you are ready to find your path. Find the path you will follow and be clear. There is more than one way to follow your heart. Once you are clear, it is easier to score. Figure out what scoring looks like to you. Get clear on what you would like to do and begin doing it. Thomas Edison got clear that he would like to discover an effective filament for a light bulb. He systematically and scientifically tested over 3,000 filaments. He used this testing as his strategic process. The effective filament was his high motivation and score.

When you follow your heart, it is easier to pay attention to what you are doing because you like it. Keep moving on the path you choose. Keep doing whatever it takes to stay on that path that moves to the score you are looking for. When you are on the path, focus on doing whatever it takes to stay on the path. Then move in the direction of your goal and you will score. Just remember where to pay attention. Stay attentive to your game! The scoreboard will take care of itself.

©Caron MacLane 2012