• You Mean There Are Lessons to Learn from a Tooth Extraction?

    A recent simple tooth extraction began a series of increasingly complex events. My dentist said my tooth had an infection under it and should be pulled by an oral surgeon. The oral surgeon and I had a brief consult and then he gave me a local anesthetic. The drug had an adverse effect on me… Read more

  • Do You Have Enough Friends?

    “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.” –Helen Keller People are our connections in life. Friends are those special people who tie us to each other. Friends enhance joys and decrease sorrows. Strengthen your friendships and friendship base and you strengthen your life. I look at my… Read more

  • Are You Grateful for a Day or a Way of Life?

    Even the calendar has a time for giving thanks, Thanksgiving. That traditional time when families gather to share a sumptuous meal, when there are often enough food choices to have them be the center of thanks. What is giving thanks? For many it means listing those things you are grateful for. That list readily starts… Read more

  • Are you receiving all the love being sent your way by those who care?

    Are you receiving all of the love? Or is something getting in the way? Receiving messages of caring means the communication channels between the sender and the receiver are open.    Many different people may be sending you love from partners to coworkers to those to whom you just offer a warm smile.   The question is… Read more

  • Do You Have an Elevator Speech?

    How do you describe yourself? There can be high value in an answer with clarity and conviction. For you. For if you develop a power descriptor that conveys your strengths, you reinforce those strengths each time you reiterate it. You choose these words with the intention to have them become reality. Like Mike Dooley says… Read more

  • How do you clear your mind?

    Do you clear your mind? How? With such a great deal going on in this fast paced society, it can be valuable to take time to clear your mind. Most likely you have heard of decluttering space, it is also valuable to declutter your mind. After clearing your mind, you will have room for the… Read more

  • How Far Does Your Ripple Effect Go?

    Each of us has a positive ripple effect, the effect of a stone cast into the lake of life with the consequent ripples. Those ripple effects emanate from within us. Those ripple effects go further, reach in different directions, and go well beyond what we anticipate or ever fully find out. It can be easy… Read more

  • Is Your Eye on the Scoreboard or Watching the Game?

    Do you get distracted by watching the scoreboard instead of the game? In the game of life, it is easy to be distracted by the score. What it sounds like when people are looking at the scoreboard is wishing for more money, a better a job, a newer car. Tallying is effective if tasked with… Read more

  • Lessons from the Top of the Mountain

    Ski lessons come in all skill levels. Yet the learning can be found at any level. My experience shows that success on the ski slope correlates to success in other aspects of life. Some of the events on the slope depict life lessons that are especially valuable. Thus, ski instruction can also be life instruction.… Read more

  • Opening … Your Heart

    Would you like to open your heart? Even more? People open their hearts to connect to themselves and to connect to others. Children, looking for connection, open their hearts more easily than adults. Most people like to connect, even though there are a small portion of people who prefer isolating themselves. Connection is the basis… Read more

  • Own it!

    Do you fully own and embrace your life? Are you committed to what you do? To fully get a grip on your life, own it! In any specific instance, it is valuable to take full control step by step. For example, the holidays can feel like following someone else’s agenda. To be more comfortable, write… Read more

  • Thank you, Karlee, My Student, My Teacher

    Wisdom comes in all sizes, shapes, ages and situations. It can be easy to lose the lesson by thinking it is supposed to look a certain way and be delivered in a specific fashion. May this be a reminder for you, too, to see the gift of the lessons from an unexpected teacher. Karlee, as… Read more

  • Are you embracing life? Fully?

    Are you embracing life? As Helen Keller said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Some people jump up and meet life head on as a daring adventure. Those people end up with vast, rich experiences. Other people stand up and wait for life to happen. Life always happens. The question is: Do you… Read more