You Can Have More Confidence When You Follow Through

According to, the definition of “confidence” is “full trust; … reliability of a person.”  For example, you say you will be at a specific place at a designated time. How often do you hit the mark? If you remember that number, you can identify opportunities for improvement and increased confidence.

That number indicates how often your actions match your words. You can call this your reliability score. Now you know if people can count on your word. Also, you know how much you can count on yourself.

Your score has a great impact on you and how you see yourself. When you see yourself as partially reliable, your confidence decreases. You can build your confidence by increasing your reliability and consistency.

You change your success rate with your decisions that lead your actions. At this point you may be saying, “yes, but things come up.” Update your word when things come up. Stuck in traffic? Call and update your arrival time to keep your word intact. The two main ways to increase your reliability score are to do more of what you say you are going to do and to commit to less. Either way you win.

Would you like increase your confidence and be counted on to follow through on your word?  Change your reliability score.  Follow through on what you say you are going to do and commit to less. People will count on you more. You will see yourself differently.

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