Coaching Leads You Where You Want to Go

If you’re ready for different results, then do something different.  What can you do differently?  You could hire a coach.   A coach has an outside vantage point.  When it is evident you must change, your coach can work with you to figure out the key to improved results.  Just like in sports, your coach watches and provides feedback to enhance your performance and reach a specified goal.  Here are five important benefits to working with a coach.  Clarity, Obstacle avoidance, Action, Course Correction and Honing of your skills make up COACH.

Clarity:  The first step is to become clear where you are and where you’d like to go.   Both are important.  For instance, when you see the map in the mall, you will likely first look for the “you are here”.  Then you will look for your destination. Then you decide your route.  The clearer the map is, the clearer your steps can be. A coach works with you to find your clarity and develop your personal map.

Obstacle avoidance:  You can be crystal clear and obstacles still appear.  The obstacles may be internal where you are in your own way and unable to see them.  Say you would like to win the favor of others.  You may be so focused on your results, you end up alienating others with your intensity.  When you are unable to see yourself, another person’s perspective can be useful.  Obstacles can also be external.  If you strategize how to work around the obstacles, you increase your likelihood of success.  A coach can assist in your strategy to overcome your internal or external obstacles.

Action:  Often people see obstacles and stop.  Keep going if you’d like to reach where you’re headed.  Maybe you’d like a promotion, a different job or faster progress.  It takes action to achieve desired results.  The difference between wishes and results is action.  Repeated focused actions lead to results.  One woman said she was unable to complete a task because she was afraid.  When coached to act through her fear, she proceeded successfully.  Act now–partner with a coach on the path to your desired outcomes.

Course correction:   After repeated actions, are you still on course?  Commercial airplanes are off course more than they are on.  And they reach their destinations by continually course correcting.   How can you course correct?  Your coach can be part of your personal GPS.

Honing of your skills:  With coaching you can sharpen your skills for more successful outcomes.  Just like a sports coach observes and then offers input, your life coach uses the same process for the areas you’d like to improve and be even more effective.  You are doing well and would like to further excel.  Whether it is communicating, relating more effectively or moving through an obstacle, your coach can work with you to go to the next level and increase your results.

Remember COACH:  Clarity, Obstacle avoidance, Action, Course correction and Honing of your skills can increase your efficiency and your performance.  Engage in coaching to obtain the results you desire. Because coaching works!