Do You Listen to Your Heart?

Your head and your heart have different languages.  When you follow your heart, you respond to your own desires as opposed to reason or logic.  Figuring out which one is speaking makes it easier to follow your heart.  For example, a friend sent me a text.   “Did you know Brene Brown is coming to town in three weeks?  Wanna go?”  “I would love to!  I think the tickets are sold out.” I responded.  To which she replied, “I have a ticket for you.”  Being a Brene Brown devotee, I practically jumped across the distance to where she was to give her a hug.  I was exhilarated just thinking about seeing Brene Brown in person.  I looked at my schedule only to find I was booked for something else on that same date!  It was a dinner with people Jeff, my husband, met on one of his Bicycle Adventures trips.

My mind started spinning.  How could I get out of it?  I “should” go because Jeff is out of town so much.  The dinner engagement had been planned for at least a couple of weeks.  I had said yes.   Meanwhile, I kept saying to myself, Brene Brown, Brene Brown in person, the opportunity to see Brene Brown in person.  The allure permeated by body.  My heart yearned to see Brene Brown.

My mind recycled reasons to prevent me from going.  I had made a commitment.  My mind did its job:  rationalizing, breaking down thoughts, analyzing.

The mind churns, creating a system of stops and reroutes to justify how the mind is right and logic should prevail.  The mind is thinking.  It is logical to do what I said I would do, to keep my commitment.

Meanwhile, the heart is feeling.  I resonate with the connection I feel for Brene Brown.  Just saying her name fills my heart with joy.  My heart has fewer words.  I feel the magnetism pulling me in that direction.  That is my heartfelt choice.

I listen closely to my heart.  My heart speaks from my core.  I talked with Jeff.  Jeff set me free of my obligation.  I am excited to see Brene Brown on her upcoming visit to Seattle.  When you listen to your head and your heart, take the time to figure out which is which.  Then figure whether you would rather listen to:  your head or your heart?

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