Five Steps to Move the World to More Harmony

Stories of terrorism, politics, guns, and feelings of despair drench us daily. These stories and feelings fill us while we are on and off line in the flow of the news and people’s conversations. The chaos in the national spectrum can be overwhelming and can leave us asking, “How can one person stand up for peace and harmony?” Some follow the slogan Nike has promoted “Just do it.”

If you start with you as the center point, what would just doing it look like for you? What could you do every day to change the world? How can you let your energy emanate and touch others, so others feel your positive energy? Here are five ways you can start influencing others into harmony.

  1. Find your own harmony. By taking care of yourself first, you have more to give. And you can give with an open heart and mind because you have plenty to offer. Take care of yourself so that you can feel you have energy to offer others.
  1. Smile. A smile is a communication that shows pleasure. When directed toward another, you share that pleasure with the other person. You open to the other person in an inviting, inclusive way. Without your smile, other experience you as closed and desiring separation. You convey your outgoingness as you send out your smile to another. Smiling increases the sense of harmony.
  1. Offer yourself. Offering allows you to be available to others. In the flow of negativity, you may have a tendency to put your head down and to ignore others, and to fend for yourself. Inadvertently those behaviors exclude others. Offering is holding your head up, keeping your arms wide and your heart open. You may find simple opportunities to offer a place in line, including in traffic. You may use an inclusive gesture, as people often wait for an invitation. Just a nod or a motion with your hand can let them in front of you.
  1. Give the gift of listening to people. You can take in what another is saying because that person would like to communicate to you. Take the time and silently acknowledge you are worth it and the other person is worth it. Listening offers acknowledgement and validation. In addition listening includes the speaker. By giving attention in this way, you increase connection and then harmony.
  1. Appreciate others. While listening, you can find little things to appreciate. One definition of appreciate is “to increase the value of” ( Appreciate small attributes and actions from people with words, a wave or a wink. Sometimes just appreciate who the person is. Appreciation results in connection and closer connection with all involved. That connection increases the feeling of harmony. Appreciating can lead to people feeling greater, feeling greater because you took the time to appreciate.

You set the tone for your life and your tone touches others. That tone is a place of connection. It allows you the opening to affect others. Affecting others is how you change the world. So find your own harmony, smile, offer yourself, listen, and appreciate others. The world can be different and you can help move the world into harmony. Start moving the world today.

©Caron MacLane 2016

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