Do You Get What You Want on Valentine’s Day?




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The most heated discussions were on the day after Valentine’s Day. This happened every year in a peer coaching group I was in.

The reason the discussions were heated?
• Expectations
• Fulfilling of expectations

Some hoped their partner would do something in a certain way. The partner did it differently. Sometimes the person hoped. Sometimes the person made a request. Sometimes the person even thought the request was made with crystal clarity.

The greater the emotional hope, the larger the emotional hook. The larger the hook, the greater the disappointment. These are strong marriages with people who are articulate and clearly love each other.

To get what you want on Valentine’s Day or any other day for that matter, be certain you are clear enough so that the other person actually fully understands your message. That you have the amount of clarity equal to your expectation. And that expectation may be really big.  Ask carefully.

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