Are You Just Tolerating Parts of Your Life?

What are the parts in your life you’re just tolerating?  You may tolerate physical clutter, an irritating job, people who drain your energy.  What you tolerate takes energy, energy you could be using to do what brings a smile to your face.  How do you rid yourself of pesky irritants so that you can use your valuable energy on what you want?

Look at what you do.  Place what you do in one of three categories:

  1. What you’re doing is what you’d like to be doing, you’re on track here.

When doing an activity in this first category, you’re happy.  You come alive and feel in your element.  This can involve work, family and play.  Your joy in work, family and play makes you feel satisfied about you and your life.

  1. What you’re doing allows you to do what you’d like to be doing. For instance, you may dislike driving to work, however driving to work allows you to do what you’d like to be doing when you arrive.

When doing things in this category, it can be easy to forget why you’re doing them, and you may develop a negative attitude about them.  You may wonder why you’re cleaning when what you love to do is sell.  Remember necessary activities are part of taking you where you’d like to go.

  1. What you’re doing is off track. You’re tolerating.

The items in this third category are distractions.  You may have allowed yourself to be distracted, you may be tolerating the activity or someone else may have pulled you off track.  Take clutter, for example.  Clutter is lack of order.  That lack of order can represent incomplete tasks.  Clutter is a means to an end.  If you let it build up, clutter drains energy.  Take inventory of what you’re tolerating.  Then let go of the tolerations and watch your productivity soar!

Get back on your track.  In order to be pulled off track, you must be clear what on track is.  Be clear about what you like and what you like to do.  Do more of that by letting go of all those things you’re currently putting up with.

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