Five Reasons to Use Your Intuition

Would you like to boost your wisdom?  What does that small voice inside of you say?  One way to boost your wisdom comes from using your intuition.  Intuition is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning” (Oxford Dictionaries).  In other words, it’s listening to the small voice.  Frequently people initially look to solve a problem with an analytical mind.  While the rational mind has a place, so does intuition.  Intuition offers a different kind of information.  Why would you use intuition?

  1.  Intuition is innate wisdom, an available resource, ready to be used.  Making use of this wisdom enhances what you’re already doing.  Intuition is an available resource.  Perhaps you had an inclination toward a response that came to you out of the blue and rejected that response, uncertain where it came from.  Your uncertainty led you in a different direction.  Yet you still had a niggling feeling about that idea.   I was in a training program and I sensed the trainer’s mind was somewhere else.  I was confused by his lack of presence.  I experienced it as lack of authenticity and it was distracting.  At a break, I shared my response with the trainer.  After a bit of defensiveness, he listened.  He then shared that his mother was sick and he thought he could be at this training without being distracted.  After sharing, he felt grounded and was easy to listen to.
  2. The more you use your intuition, the stronger it becomes.  Intuition is like a muscle.  Working it out makes it stronger.  What starts as a hint of a whisper can turn into a voice.  What start as guiding clues can turn into clear directions.  Steve Jobs called intuition “more powerful than intellect.”  With this belief, he used his intuition and honed it well.  He followed notions that were novel in the world at that time.  And look at the results he had.  You can choose how far you go with your intuition.
  3. Your intuition gives you answers unique to you.  When you seek the answers, your abilities and your situation are factored in.  Perhaps you have looked for solutions and you found textbook answers written for the “average” person, someone other than you.  Do you have a project with a specific issue to be resolved?  Give it to your intuition and then listen to your answers.
  4.  Your intuition gives you clarity.  Is your choice vague?  Use your intuition.  Your intuition can offer the distinctions you seek.  From that clear point, it is easier to figure out next steps and details that can fall into place once you know what the edges of the puzzle piece look like.  Use your intuition to find the discerning details.
  5. Using your intuition increases your confidence.  When resolving problems, you may become bogged down deciding whether those resolutions are right.  When you find responses from your intuition, your certainty strengthens.  The greater your sense of certainty, the greater your confidence.  Your responses come from your truth, which are your personal beliefs.  Your truth sounds strong and confident when it comes out of your mouth.  Gain more belief in yourself.

Use your intuition to increase your wisdom, make your intuition even more powerful, find your specific answers, give you more clarity and increase your confidence.  Now that you understand why to use intuition, the next step is to discover how to use your intuition.  You can read about or experience intuition first hand in class, such as How to Turn UP the Volume in Your Intuition (watch for next class: and in this newsletter) taught by En-May Mangels and me.

©Caron MacLane 2016


Remember, if you would like something to be different in your life,
be sure to do something different!

From Grateful Clients

in response to my answering a client’s question.

That was quick and simple…  you are extremely smart and know how to zoom into what is needed in the moment!  Well done…

Anja Lanz


I was watching a sports channel (or should I say it was on TV while I was cleaning) and made me stop and think…all of these pro athletes sitting around listening and watching replays with their coaches. They were hanging on every word their coach was saying they did right, wrong and what could be done differently to change the outcome next time.

I’m so glad you’re my coach. …While I am proud of the progress I continue to make, there is nothing like an intelligent and calming sounding board that is true to me and my journey. I’m proud to call you my friend and the best coach I’ve ever had in this sport of life.

Game on!!!!!!

Sam Orriss


My first coach!! Still talking and taking your advice. I appreciate you for being there at a life changing moment for me.

Chris Williams


(After working with Caron) I am able to analyze any situation, become clear about my intentions, and develop plans to realize those intentions. I have found that I am able to apply these principals to every aspect of life from professional to family. Working with Caron has opened up limitless possibilities and has allowed me to achieve a new level of satisfaction with life.

David Mauermann