Success Stories

Will your success story be here?  Success stories are the step by step progresses leading to your successful outcome.

Focused Work Leads You to Success

One client doubled his incomefound the partner described on an excel spreadsheet, and lives in the home described in his vision.

A woman birthed her lifelong dream of a retail shop during our work together.  Visit Momo’s in Seattle to enjoy it yourself. 

A stay-at-home Dad with eight children calmed his angry temper.  At the end of our work his wife, who I had never met, wrote me a note to thank me for having her husband back.

A woman who was fearful and uncomfortable with many aspects of life became comfortable enough to consider herself included rather than separate. 

A single father figured out how to be more present for his son and give more to work.

A college instructor increased her productivity with her writing and publishing.

A man unclear of what he would like to do with his life became fully focused on photography.

A woman in a challenging dynamic with her brother can now gracefully move on or around him more confidently in family situations.

A high level manager successfully transitioned to a new job.

A medical doctor who stayed home to raise children stepped forward into coaching.

A laid off man held out and landed the exact type of position he was searching for.

A family pulled apart by divorce learned how to connect with each other.

A counselor moved forward with more focus in her private practice.

An executive morphed from reluctant to disclose to willing to address the elephant in the room

A student transitioned from uncertain what to do to selecting a major for college.

A woman given a year off with a severance package developed her vision for the rest of her life.

A student shifted from using physical expression to using verbal expression of anger.