What Clients Say about Working with Caron

I called Caron because I had a difficult situation where I wanted a positive outcome. Caron saw both the situation and what was gong on with me very clearly. Caron provided the tools, support and feedback that I needed to successfully navigate a positive outcome. Caron’s clarity, coaching, and tenacity with me was extremely valuable in guiding me to my intended outcome. I am grateful for her willingness to work with me. And I am overjoyed with the positive outcome I achieved.



Caron started coaching my husband almost 10 years ago. It all started when he was struggling with test anxiety in college. Since successfully helping him overcome his test anxiety, she’s coached him through many of life’s other obstacles and challenges. From school to career to marriage to parenting—Caron’s been there through it all!

Although I’m not directly coached by Caron, I’ve benefited from her work with my husband. He’s an amazing communicator and knows how to manage stressful situations—I know much of that is a result of Caron’s coaching.

Recently we sat down and made a list of things to expect with the arrival of our 2nd child and ways to help each offer (such as possible challenges and ways to prepare for them.) The conversation was sparked by a talk my husband had with Caron. It made me smile to realize that this was just one of many positive conversations sparked by Caron and her work with my husband.

She has helped make him the best partner and daddy he can be and I’m forever grateful for her!

I would highly recommend Caron to anyone seeking out help or wanting to move to the next level in life and happiness-she is the best!

Heather Mauermann, RN Evergreen Hospital, wife


Her ability to guide me to overcome a deluge of stress, emotions and what appeared to be injustice in more than one contract situation proved to be the key to my new phase of professional success. With Caron’s guidance I have a clear definition of my strengths, and I am able to show up in all aspects of my life with greater ease and grace.

Geffen Rothe, Director, Well-Defined Solutions


I’ve worked with Caron as my Life Coach and employed her as a trainer. She’s bold, infectious, and completely frank. She has her client’s best interests at heart and won’t settle for anything less.

Tim Dawes, President, Interplay


Caron is an AMAZING COACH. I watched Caron for a long time before I got serious about approaching her to “coach” me. My observation was this: the people I knew she was coaching were having great lives, making great money and having successful relationships.
Since coaching with Caron, my life has taken significant turns. I’ve started two new businesses, have partnership showing up all over the place and I’m having fun(!) in the process. I’ve gotten out of my head and into action.
Also, I chose to work with Caron because she is successful in her own life. I totally trust her perspective and motivations and I’m very, very grateful to be working with her. I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level(s).

Val Mohney, Entrepreneur


I approached the idea of coaching with intrigue and trepidation. I knew I wanted to make changes in my life, yet was skeptical about the process and wary of the investment. After meeting Caron and experiencing her openness, enthusiasm and energy, I decided to take a chance and give myself the gift of working with her. One year later, I can summarize what I’ve gained in three words: Honesty. Clarity. Confidence.

HONESTY I’ve learned how to strip away layers of B.S. and discern how I feel about a situation. Caron is a no-nonsense individual and calls it as she sees it, whether with an ‘Atta girl!’ or ‘What’s that again?’ CLARITY I’ve figured out what I want to do for the next phase of my life, and why I’ll be successful at my goals. Caron helped me sift through my thoughts, enabling me to understand my natural strengths and sharpen my focus. CONFIDENCE Through consistency and the teaching of simple tools, Caron has assisted me in building self-respect. I’ve taken ownership of my emotions, accomplishments and life—I’m more at ease with myself than ever before.

Lei Ann Shiramizu, President, Copy Queen


What I’ve experienced in my work with you and your coaching is love. 
I have felt loved enough by you to be challenged by you, loved and accepted regardless of my results (positive or negative), and loved enough that I can more easily love myself more honestly. My results are seen in the steps I’ve taken to honor myself more fully, to be ever more aware of my self-talk and change it accordingly, and in the improvements in my relationship with myself, my kids, my spouse and extended family, friends and clients. I have grown in my accountability and in my ability to create the joy, love and results I want in my life. 
You have a unique and wonderful gift of hearing more than what I’ve actually said, and because of your ability to discern the underlying emotions and truth (that even I myself have been sometimes blind to), I’ve made greater strides in less time than I possibly could have without your coaching.
You’re a gift and a blessing in my life. 
Thank you.

Linda Geraci, Owner/Senior Consultant, Geraci Consulting


There’s been enough outwardly visible change in my life that three of my friends asked me for Caron’s contact info and are seeing her today as well. If you are ready for breakthrough results, Coach Caron will help you get there.

Scot O., Program Manager, Microsoft


Caron’s laser insight brings me to the heart of the matter quickly. With that candor, I am both humbled and exhilarated. Her loving rigor invites me to get the most out of each challenge I encounter. And, we laugh along the way.

Sandra S. Jones, President, Sandra Jones, Inc.


I feel like you opened some windows to my soul that allowed me to learn something about myself. I have the capacity to be a happy, caring, loving man for spouse and children. You have enabled me to fill in some big gaps in my social skills that needed some help. It’s been like a new pair of glasses that I am just getting used to. The ground seems to come up quicker, the steps are nearer than they appear, and I am learning to focus on some things that were there all the time. Thank you for being there for me.

John Hodgins, stay-at-home father of nine children


I began coaching sessions with Caron when I was changing careers. Caron is an excellent listener and I find her insights and guidance to be invaluable. After our coaching sessions, I have a renewed energy and concrete ways in which to move forward.

Libby Bliss, Sales Representative, Salish Trading


For more information or to book your first complimentary consultation write to me at: Caron@CaronCircleCC.com


Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.
—Robert F. Kennedy